Software Development

Taran has developed a variety of software and has most experience developing web systems in PHP and Python, and Linux based programs for the handling of realtime audio in C and Python.


audiolog is a program for the automated recording of audio. Taran created audiolog to satisfy the logging requirements of a small community radio station, and has evolved from there. Current features include:

  • Multiple independent recording configurations
  • Simultaneous recordings from the same sound interface
  • Ability to manually select the sound card for each recording
  • Audio files split at user nominated times
  • Delayed start and timed finish for recording of particular segments
  • Record as MP3 at any bit-rate


Taran is currently developing audioswitch as the partner to audiolog for radio stations. It can switch between multiple sources of audio, such as sound interface inputs, network audio streams and pre-recorded files. It uses a weekly schedule that can be updated while audioswitch is running for zero downtime. A web interface is provided for easy configuration and scheduling.